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Making Resolutions & How To Keep Them!

January 8, 2018

According to U.S. News & World Report, about 80 percent of people give up their resolution goals by February. Let’s be honest, how many resolutions have you actually kept for longer than a few weeks? It’s okay, because you are not alone. The things that we want to accomplish — exercise more, eat a healthier diet, save more money — are often exactly the habits we find most difficult to adopt. But it is not impossible to do; here are some tips to make your goals easier to achieve along with resolution goals from some of our teammates!

Create an action plan

The benefits of an action plan are simple: you have now outlined what resources are needed to reach your resolution goals. By having this all collected on a visual platform, you can more successfully plan out how to achieve your goals.

My goal is to learn a new language by end of Summer.

Bianca Bartell
Designer, Office Images

Make It Fun

If your goal is to learn a new skill, like photography or calligraphy, find local meetup groups and workshops to your creative advantages! Making a goal “fun” will likely improve your chances to achieve them. Want to get in shape, join a sports league. Want to eat healthier, experiment with new recipes.

My resolution goal is to go on an adventure at least once a month.

Aleana Dall'Acqua
Senior Designer, Office Images

Be Specific

Having vague goals can easily fail. Be clear in what you want to achieve, rather just stating an uncleared resolution goal. For example, rather than just saying you want to lose weight, you want to approach it as you want to lose 15lbs by the end of March.

My goal is to end things on a positive note every day, prior to heading home.

Ashley Mile
A&D Market Manager, Office Images

Keep It Simple

Many people use the New Year as an opportunity to make large bucket lists or attempt extreme makeovers, whether personal or professional. It is easier to set small attainable goals throughout the year versus one overwhelming goal.

My goal is to get my personal trainer certification so I can help others achieve their fitness goals.

Kirsten Gandy
Account Coordinator, Office Images

Change Your Environment

Research also finds that one of the most effective ways to change your habits is to change your environment. If you can set up your surroundings in a way that makes your desired behavior easy or natural, you’re much more likely to stick to it. For example, if you’re on a diet, don’t buy unhealthy food and keep it around the house. In general, anything that makes keeping your resolution more natural and less effortful — removing distractions and temptations, putting reminders in relevant places — will make you much more likely to actually keep it.

I want to paint my house, inside and out, and I am going to hire a contractor to help achieve my goal.

Kate Wilson
Account Manager, Office Images

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